Book Launch of Solitaire by Alice Oseman

Yesterday, Sofia, Makayla and I went to the book launch of Solitaire written by the debut author, Alice Oseman. This was a very exciting event as it was the first book launch I’ve been to and it has happens to be for the wonderful Alice Oseman’s book launch for Solitaire.
When this event was first announced to us (by the brilliant yabirmingham), I knew that this would be an event that I need to go to. With the expertise of yabirmingham’s planning, I knew that they will pull off a wonderful evening. Sofia, Makayla and I knew we had to get there early, we got there so early that Alice herself wasn’t there. When Alice did arrive she was surrounded by her very proud friends and family.

When the event took place, her editor, opened the event with words of praises for Alice and her amazing debut book. Then Alice did a reading from the second half of chapter 4 from Solitaire. This was the first time I’ve heard anything from the book and it was honestly amazing. Even though I didn’t know what took place before that chapter, I still really enjoyed the characters and Tori’s amazing personality.
After the reading took place, Bex did a Q&A session with Alice. Alice was very calm and answered all the questions with detail and honestly. We got to see behind the scenes of the book and how the book was constructed. We also got to see what Alice was thinking when she’s was writing the characters. My favourite was when someone asked which actors she imagined each character to be and she answered:

  • Tori – Ellie Kendrick
  • Michael – Robert Sheehan
  • Becky – Chloe Grace Moretz
  • Lucas – Evan Peters (YES.EVAN.PETERS)

When the Q&A session finished we got the opportunity to get our copies of Solitaire. Alice is such an inspiration to young people because she got her book published at a very young age, which shows that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.

This was such an amazing event and I cannot wait for what the future holds for Alice.




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