On 14th August, I was able to interview LAUREN OLIVER! YES LAUREN OLIVER!! I am a very lucky person as only a few people were able to interview her and I was one of them.

The interview was the most nerve wrecking thing I have done as I had to ask questions that not many people would ask but are still interesting.

The interview was amazing as she is so laid back and relaxed which made the interview a lot easier.

When I met Lauren, I knew that she was American, however I still found it extraordinary that she had an American accent, so through out my conversation with her, I was admiring her amazing accent.

I found the answers to my questions (*fingers crossed that you like them*) really interesting and I hope you guys like them too :

1)Why did you choose to make love like a disease?

I studied philosophy at university and I am very interested in the cognitive science. Strong emotions have a lot of influence in philosophy. People with psychiatric order, their brain emits these chemicals which are also released when you are in love.

2)Why did you change from children to YA novel?

Well actually I went from YA, to children, to YA novels. Each story has it’s own demands therefore it is not a hard decision. The ideas of characters changes depending on the story.

3)What would you like to do other than writing?

Well I would to be a backup dancer for Beyoncé however that is very unlikely but I love cooking and entertaining, so I would open a wine bar or something of that nature.

4)Did you plan Delirium to be a trilogy or was it a stand alone book?

It was half and half. I had thoughts about both so if I felt like it should be a stand alone book, then the book can be a stand alone book and if it was going to be part of a series I had ideas for that as well.

5)Where did your inspiration come from for your books?

My inspiration comes from everything. Everything that happens to you becomes your inspiration. Some of my inspiration came from when I was younger, it came from books such as My Side of the Mountain and I was interested in survival stories. I used to live in a foresty area which gave me the idea of The Wilds in delirium. I also trekked through Alaska so that gave me ideas for my books, so inspiration comes from everywhere.

6)How did you make the Delirium series different from other dystopian series e.g. Hunger Games?

Well all books are going to have similar characteristics however you have to bring authenticity to your books, different characters in particular bring you authenticity as these characters are yours. Also the writer’s voice gives the book its own individual stamp.

7)How do you compare the society you have written, in all your books, to the one that we live in today?

Well Panic is real life. The characters feel real fear and we feel fear in our lives. Panic is all about motivation and we all get motivation in our everyday lives.

8)How does it feel that Delirium became a series, then got cancelled and is now running?

I was nervous because I was handing over my work to be displayed. I never saw the pilot, actually, until it was released. I was disappointed that some parts weren’t shown. It was harder because in television you have to add a lot more as there is more detail in television. I think that my book will not get affected by it and I hope fans don’t take the series over the book and forget how the book was.

9)What is the advantage of television over film?

I don’t know the advantage of television over film however I do prefer television over movie.

10)How much does your first drafts change to your final product?

This depends on the books as there is a lot of rearranging of plots and not a lot for the structure of the book. Sometimes I scrap chapters, characters or I develop the character in a different way.

11)How important do you think EBooks are in a series (for example in the Delirium series the short stories are EBooks) and do you think all series should have short stories as EBooks?

I think that is it important but I don’t think that all series should have short series short for delirium as there was a lot of stories that I could cover and I could write about.

12)If you can live in one of the worlds you created, which one would you live in?

I would like to live in Liesel and Po’s world.

13) Team Julian or Team Alex:

I can’t say which one, they are my characters.

When I was writing these questions I thought about how I could structure this interview, so I thought about how I could make it more interesting so I asked her a few quick fire questions to get know Lauren a bit more:

1) Chocolate or Sweets: Chocolate

2) TV or Film: TV

3) Hardcover or EBooks: Both

4) Novels or Theatre (e.g. Wicked): Novels

5) Pop or Classical: Pop

6) Favourite Colour: Charcoal Grey

7) Favourite Film: The Princess Bride

8) Favourite Book that you’ve read recently: Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee

9) Favourite Food: Pasta

10) A place you want to visit: Greece

I am honestly so grateful for this opportunity that was given to me and it was such an amazing experience. I really did thoroughly enjoy myself and thank you to Vero, YABirmingham (follow their twitter and blog) and the one and only Lauren Oliver.

I cannot wait to read more from Lauren Oliver and I hope you guys enjoy the Q&A as much as I did 🙂



Pictures of Lauren Oliver




Lauren and I



The books that were signed by Lauren Oliver




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