On Saturday 11th, I went to the amazing Maze Runner Fan Party hoested by the lovely yabirmingham! As you know from my previous blog posts about different events and signing,  you know that I always have fun at these events, and this one was no different. I had an enjoyable time with my friends, as this is the last fan party they are doing for this year :(. They have two more signings this year and these are:

  • A Q&A and signing with Holly Bourne, Non Pratt and the Queen of Teen James Dawson! If you have read any of their books you should certainly go as it will be such an amazing event. This event takes place on 30th October and it is £3 per ticket. You get food as well!!!
  • They are also having Becca Fitzpatrick on 15th November! This is a free event and it will be honestly so good. This is also a Q&A and signing so if you have ever read the Hush Hush series (which is apparently supposed to be really good), then you must certainly go. This event is for her new novel Black Ice (which is honestly so good. review of it to come) and if you available on the 15th November (a Saturday) you should go!!

To go to one of these events for 30th October, you can go in store and over the phone to pay for the tickets. For the Becca Fitzpatrick, you can tweet them or phone them to reserve tickets. They are at Waterstones on High Street (on by the Bullring) and their number is 0121 633 4353 and their twitter is @yabirmingham.

So back to the details of the event…

As this was the last fan party, I thought that I was going to do something special. For all the other event I have dressed up relating to something in the book:

  • Divergent- Erudite faction
  • TFIOS party- dressed up in blue and white
  • Rainbow Rowell- Cath glasses (they were my real one’s but they are like Cath’s so was like hey I’m Cath), a lol ur not park Sheridan t-shirt, an attachmetns bracelet (basically paperclips) and a landline badge.
  • David Levithan- dressed up as a boy (without the  wig)
  • Lauren Oliver- had a floral top with a weak connection to the Wilds.

So I thought I am going to dress up and you know make it worthwhile, so I decided to dress up like a glader. Yes I dressed up like a glader. It was such an easy costume to do and I really enjoyed walking the the city centre dressed up like a glader.

When I got to the party I met up with my fabulous friends and then the quiz started. As we had a reputation of winning the previous quiz, we had to win this one. We obviously had to think of a team name, as our names have always been amazing:

  • Divergent- Where’s Uriah?
  • TFIOS- Hectic Glow

So we decided to go with Minhoe but pronounced as Mean-Hoes! Yes I know you what are thinking but that is how we do! (Starts singing overrated Rita Ora song).

The quiz was ever so grueling and after arguments, retakes and all sorts WE WON!! (WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND!!!)(Queen is always needed)

We got some really pretty books and posters.

The event was really amazing as we just enjoying the fact that Dylan O’Brien is a beautiful human being and should be worshipped.

This fan party was really enjoyable and I cannot wait for future parties.

Thank yabirmingham for all the prties you have put on this year and I cannot wait for what you have instore for us next!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and shall be posting reviews of books asap



Fighting pose

Trying to be cute pose





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